Kíli (and a tiny bit of Fíli) in the Battle of the Five Armies teaser trailer (x)


any association with the mockingjay symbol is forbidden.


the amount of sass in this screencap is overwhelming


the amount of sass in this screencap is overwhelming


Bless Peter Jackson for obviously bringing Fili and Kili back in the third movie and actually letting them SEE Erebor  and become the royalty they were born to be, and see their uncle succumbing into greed and dragon sickness


One day I’ll remember, remember everything that happened. The good, the bad. Those who survived… and those who did not.


Thranduil turning over bodies, hoping Legolas is not among them

Food color porn —> fuchsia


There are two things that the whole Hobbit fandom can love as an unit and without any doubt:

Galadriel and Gandalf’s friendship and Balin


he Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies teaser trailer, fili & kili


We all have that one character that you obsess over for months on end, but they slowly fade away into a special place in your heart as you discover other passions. Then the moment you re-discover that one character, the love comes back one hundred times as strong and it’s like they never left.

"Myths are stories about people who become too big for their lives temporarily, so that they crash into other lives or brush against gods. In crisis their souls are visible."  - Anne Carson, Introduction to Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides
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