Thorin also plays the fatherly figure to Fili and Kili, and that is shown surprisingly often – IF you are looking closely.

It’s apparent in the two times he reprimands Kili (of course it would be Kili, as the young, heedless dwarf) or the moments in which he calls out for them, or entrusts tasks to them. Perhaps you noticed how in the Trollshaws he stops Kili from attacking all by himself. Earlier, when he calls out for Fili and Kili to look after the ponies he adds “Make sure you stay with them!” It reminded me of mothers; they always add something like “be careful” after their instructions while people who aren’t close wouldn’t do that.
And when he believes Fili to be lost on the stone giants, you can feel very strongly his despair over this ONE dwarf although a lot more of his company were involved in this collision.

"  -

In Defense of Fili, Kili and Thorin Oakenshield – an Appreciation Beyond Hot Dwarves


[Originally written in German by ArchedCory and translated to English, with editing by D.J]

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